April 2005

5 days to go: A personal message from Alistair Craig

To the voters of Greenwich and Woolwich:






6 days to go: Conservatives unveil Teachers' Charter

Conservatives have unveiled plans to restore discipline to schools and put teachers back in charge of classrooms. Under the party's "Teachers' Charter", heads will get the final say on whether to expel disruptive pupils, and can insist that parents play a bigger part in instilling discipline as a condition for their children securing admission to a school.

7 days to go: Seven reasons for voting Conservative next week

Spencer Drury, Alistair Craig and Chris Bromby are looking for your votes next week to send Tony Blair a message that voters in Greenwich cannot be taken for granted. 

Let's look at seven reasons why you should vote Conservative next Thursday:

1. Action on Crime - More Police

8 days to go: Conservatives launch manifesto for London

Michael Howard has unveiled the Conservative Manifesto for London, with a ten point action plan to tackle the issues that matter to the people of Britain's capital city.

9 days to go: £10 million plan to identify hospital superbug

Conservatives have pledged £10 million to rapidly identify when the MRSA "superbug" is liable to infect patients in NHS hospitals.


11 days to go: Police officers quit in protest at Blair's bureaucracy

Thousands of police officers are quitting the force in protest at the paperwork and bureaucracy imposed by the Blair government, the Conservatives have revealed.

15 days to go: Conservatives welcome positive responses on doorsteps

At the half way point in the election campaign, Cllr Spencer Drury, the Conservative Candidate for Eltham, has welcomed the positive response he has had on the doorsteps across the constituency. 



16 days to go: Our five point plan to tackle binge drinking

A five point plan designed to turn the tide against binge drinking and restore respect to society has been unveiled by Michael Howard.

17 days to go: Blair's threat to the state pension

Millions of elderly people and present day workers could face losing all or part of their old age pension if Tony Blair wins a third term in power, senior Conservatives have warned.

18 days to go: We pledge £1.7 billion boost for saving

Conservatives have announced a £1.7 billion tax cutting package aimed at tackling the nation’s pensions time-bomb, and at repairing the damage done to basic rate taxpayers by Mr Blair’s pensions tax.




19 days to go: A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for higher taxes

Voting Liberal Democrat means voting for higher taxes, soft sentences for criminals, and uncontrolled immigration, Dr Liam Fox has warned.



21 days to go: Focus on Eltham

Eltham has done badly out of Labour rule. We have experienced massive tax rises without seeing any improvement in our day-to-day lives.




24 days to go: Howard launches Conservative manifesto

Michael Howard has launched the Conservative pitch for power with a promise to "battle for Britain" and make the country a better place in which to live.

25 days to go: Time to set an annual limit on immigration

Michael Howard has thrust immigration to the forefront of the election campaign with a pledge to set an annual limit on the number of foreigners allowed to settle in the UK.



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