May 2005

Syed Kamall - London's newest Conservative MEP

Conservative MEPs have welcomed a new colleague to the European Parliament today. Syed Kamall takes over as MEP for the London region following the departure of Theresa Villiers, who has assumed her seat in the House of Commons.

John Bowis MEP raises a glass to Brussels' light ale decision

John Bowis, Conservative MEP for London, was today saying "cheers" to the European Commission after bureaucrats saw sense and agreed to exempt light ale from draft laws on food and drink labelling currently being considered.


Let's have a referendum on the EU Constitution on October 13th

Shadow Foreign Secretary Dr Liam Fox has written to Jack Straw demanding an end to the confusion over a UK referendum on the EU Constitution – and has proposed a 13th October date for the nationwide poll.


Crossrail Chief quits his position

News that the Chief Executive of Crossrail, Norman Haste, has quit even before the new east-west London rail service has begun its process of parliamentary approval has received a sympathetic response from Conservatives on the London Assembly.


Roger Evans, newly-appointed Chairman of the London Assembly Transport Committee said:

NEWSFLASH: General Election Results

Here are the results for the three Greenwich Constituencies in the General Election of 5th May 2005. 


More comment later.



0 days to go: Read this before you vote

"Many people have said to me “I’ve been let down by this government, I agree with what you’re saying, I want to have faith in you – but how do I know you’ll really be different? Well, here’s your answer. If you elect us on Thursday, the action starts on Friday. Here is a timetable of eight specific tasks that will be my personal priorities."


Michael Howard

1 day to go: Vote for positive change tomorrow

The people of Britain should take a stand on Thursday, and vote for change, Conservative action, and a "Better Britain". 


2 days to go: A cautionary tale

Prime Minister Tony Blair, Chancellor Gordon Brown, and party spin-doctor Alastair Campbell were

3 days to go: Howard's hope is for a better Britain

Michael Howard has delivered a rousing rally call to voters to back the Conservatives on Thursday - and unleash a dynamic action plan to create a better Britain.



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