November 2005

Livingstone stonewalls on Kiley resignation

Ken Livingstone today refused to give details of the dramatic resignation last week of his Transport Commissioner Bob Kiley. Conservatives reacted angrily to the Mayor’s stonewalling. They say the whole episode remains “shrouded in mystery” and that is not good enough when Londoners are paying inflation-busting fare increases.


Kiley – too many Unanswered Questions

Conservatives on the London Assembly have written a letter to Mayor Ken Livingstone demanding a full explanation for the re

Greenwich faces a modern-day ‘winter of discontent’

Greenwich Conservatives warned this week that Greenwich residents face a grim winter, already f

Less Police on London's Streets?

Met Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has warned that London will see less police on its streets unless he receives an incre

New figures show worrying rise in truancy in Greenwich

Newly published figures showing that truancy has risen in Greenwich’s secondary schools, particularly in
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