April 2006

A message from Jim Davidson

To the voters of Kidbrooke with Hornfair:


Call time on Greenwich Time

Despite knowing full well that we want to scrap Greenwich Time and use the money for more police officers and cleaner streets, the Council published yet another issue of its dreadful propaganda rag one week before polling day!

Harry Potter more like Lord Voldemort

Middle Park and Sutcliffe Lib Dem Councillor Harry Potter again made his position clear on the use of ASBOs (Anti Social Behaviour Orders) at the last Council meeting.

Toks' Tories are the real Thamesmead Community Party

Toks Bailey has joined the Conservative Team in Thamesmead to fight for a better deal for local residents. She is a committed community activist. Toks is also an active member of the Gallions Housing Association.


Buses for the Brook Campaign

A major concern of residents on the Brook Estate in Kidbrooke is the poor bus service, specifically:

Greenwich Let Down by Labour – Its Time for a Change

For over 35 years locally, 9 years nationally and 6 years under Ken Livingstone Greenwich has been left behind. 

'Get out of jail free card' for muggers

Greenwich West council candidate Robert Dougans, has expressed concern at new sentencing guidelines from a Labour quango which will allow many convicted muggers to avoid jail.

Manifesto - Your Money

Since the borough election in May 2002, standard Council Tax in Greenwich has risen by over £226, some 23.7%, despite increases in government grant to Greenwich, which have comfortably exceeded the London average.


Manifesto - Public before Press

We do not believe that the amount spent on press and publicity by the Council represents the best use of resources for the people of this borough.


Manifesto - Community Services

One thing this Labour Council is good at is setting strategies and talking about them.

Manifesto - Freedom to Learn

Giving our children the best start in life is the first priority of every parent. That is why we all want a choice of good local schools. Unfortunately, too many pupils and parents in Greenwich are being failed by the system at present.

Are you getting the best from Greenwich Council?

The District Auditor’s Letter (2004-2005) stated “Overall costs are relatively high when compared with other London boroughs”. After 35 years of a Labour Council and 9 years of a Labour Government, this Councils services are poor. 


Failing our Children


A message to the voters of Woolwich Common

Vote for the Conservative Party on 4th of May in the local council elections. Lela Sisauri is a Russian speaking candidate from Woolwich Common electoral district, and will represent your interests on the local council.

Introducing the Peninsula team


Left to right: Robert Kerby, James Worra and Duncan McCourt


Police Numbers Fall as Drug Crime Rises

A quick glance through the pages of Greenwich Time would give you the impression that our borough is becoming an increasingly safe place to live.  But the reality is that Violence against the person, Robbery, Burglary, and Gun Crime all rose from 2004 to 2005, and Drug Crime was up by a third across the borough.

Kidbrooke: rising crime and antisocial behaviour

The Kidbrooke Survey has revealed that crime and antisocial behaviour are the biggest worries faced by local residents, with 76% of you stating that rising crime was a major issue of concern in the area.


Introducing the Kidbrooke with Hornfair team

Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservatives have been working all year round on the behalf of the local community.  Almost 500 households took part in the Kidbrooke Survey over the past 12 months and this has highlighted your concerns particularly about crime and antisocial behaviour, but also about local transport, health and education.

Introducing the Coldharbour and New Eltham team


Mandy Brinkhurst (left) was born in the ward, and feels strongly about issues concerning the local environment. She co-ordinated a petition to have graffiti removed from all properties that was presented to the Council. 

Council Tax to Rise above Inflation

Labour is putting up Council Tax by nearly 4% this year, at a time when the

Conservatives Highlight Massive Increase in Train Crime

There has been a truly alarming rise in violent crime on trains in the past five years.

Introducing the Eltham North team

The people of Eltham North have a chance to re-elect their three Conservative Councillors on May 4th. 



Cllr Dermot Poston (left)  Cllr Nigel Fletcher (centre) Cllr Spencer Drury (right)


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