July 2006

Conservatives helping local traders

Conservative Councillor for Blackheath Westcombe Geoff Brighty submitted a petition to Greenwich Council on Wednesday. The petition which had over 350 signatures showed local residents and traders' concern over a new betting shop which is seeking to open along Old Dover Road.

Labour’s failure with Cleansweep

The residents of Beaconsfield Road, Beaconsfield Close, Hardy Road and Ingleside Grove are being let down by Cleansweep. Cleansweep is supposed to administer the grounds maintenance of Ingleside Gardens which is also know locally as "The Triangle", but in recent months this has lapsed.

Sunday Times: Michael Portillo on Eltham Primary

Michael Portillo writes in today's Sunday Times about the Eltham Open Primary which takes place tomorrow evening at the Bob Hope Theatre in Wythfield Road. 

Local Paper Review: 26th July 2006

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Criminals going unpunished in Greenwich

Greenwich Conservatives expressed concern this week at new local crime statistics published by the Home Office, and called for a series of police reforms to improve the effectiveness of policing and the criminal justice system.

Local Paper Review: 19th July 2006

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Have you registered for the Eltham Primary yet?

As previously reported, Greenwich Conservatives have announced that their candidate for Eltham at the next

Local Paper Review: 12th July 2006

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Angie Bray elected new leader of London's Conservatives

Angie Bray AM has been elected today as the new leader of the London Assembly Conservatives, after Bob Neill stood down to take up his seat in the House of Commons as Member of Parliament for Bromley and Chislehurst.


Conservatives visit Chinese Community School

Cllr Chris Taylor, Greenwich Conservatives' spokesman for the Voluntary Sector was kindly invited along with Cllr Nigel Fletcher to visit the Greenwich Chinese Community School.


Don't let Prescott ruin Dome Deal

Greenwich Conservatives have accused Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott of jeopardising the Borough's bid to host the UK's first 'Supercasino' after revelations about his meetings with the developer of the plan for the Dome.


Local Paper Review: 5th July 2006

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Greenwich Councillors go online

In a new initiative to keep members of the public up to date with what their Conservative Councillors are doing for them, two wards have taken the initiative by publishing blogs of matters of interest to local residents


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