September 2006

The Future of Blackheath Standard

Over the years Greenwich Council has done little to help traders in the Standard. Recently the Council is looking to put up the rent up but yet they are doing little in the way of town centre management to encourage people to shop there.

Local Paper Review: 4th October 2006

In the News Shopper this week:


Local Paper Review: 20th September 2006

In the News Shopper this week:


Councillors Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson at the Great Get Together

Councillors Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson at the Great Get Together in Charlton Park on Saturday 12th August. The event allowed people from Blackheath Westcombe, Charlton, Greenwich West and Peninsula to meet with their local councillors and representatives from various council departments to discuss issues that matter to them. There were also performances by local band and rides for young children.

Route 386 - proposed direct link for Greenwich and Blackheath Village 16th September 2006

After many years of campaigning by Blackheath Conservatives and local amenity groups it looks as though a direct link could be on its way with a proposal for the 386 Bus route to be extended to take passengers between Greenwich Town Centre and Blackheath Village.

Local Paper Review: 13th September 2006

In the News Shopper this week:


Labour Mayor Decides to Cancel Full Council Meeting due to apparent “Lack of Business”

Sadly Greenwich is an area of the country in which the schools are failing and health care is also some of the worst in the country. However the Labour Mayor feels that it is not necessary to discuss these problems and because of this he has cancelled the Full Council meeting which was due to take place on September 20th.

David Gold responds to the Prime Minister

The Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, David Gold, made the following statement in response to the Prime Minister's announcement that he will resign in the next 12 months:


Best wishes for a successful Eltham Praying 24/7

David Gold, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham has offered his best wishes to the organisers and participants in Eltham Praying 24/7, a week-long programme of continuous prayers involving eight churches in Eltham.

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