February 2010

Canvassing in Peninsula ward (East Greenwich Pleasaunce)

This Saturday I went canvassing with Peninsula Conservatives around the East Greenwich Pleasaunce.  It was good to meet so many positive people and to discuss the issues which affect them.  

Labour most misleading leaflet ever?

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich

Red Lion Lane - one way traffic

Conservatives have campaigned for one way traffic in Red Lion Lane, including a petition to Greenwich Council. Greenwich Council have refused to find the cash to make this road safer, despite spending vast sums on a variety of less important projects. Your Labour Councillors (when in the country) have paid little attention to this issue until elections started to loom.

Plans change for the John Roan

The long planned move of the John Roan School to the Peninsula has been halted. The School Governors decided that as there was no definitive timetable for the completion of the school that the school will stay on its current sites.

The council fails to keep Charlton's streets clean

Residents from all over Charlton have consistently raised concerns to their Charlton Conservative Team (Richard Shackleton, Louis McLean-Wait and James Garry) over the inability of the Labour council and their cleaning company, Cleansweep, to keep streets clean.

Labour resort to scare tactics in West Greenwich

 Following on from another weekend of delivering to West Greenwich homes, it was apparent that the local Labour Council has resorted to scare tactics by intimidating Greenwich tenants.

Concerns over the Green Chain

The amount of rubbish building up along the Green Chain Link has come in for sharp criticism from Kidbrooke councillor Graeme Coombes. Graeme lives right next to the Link, which runs past Mansergh Close and along Hornfair Park and has often seen examples of random fly tipping and a general accumulation of litter.

Charlton residents' anger as council fails to treat snow (again)

Yet another failure of the Council to deal properly with the January snowfall caused anger and concern among Charlton residents.  In 2009, the Council bizarrely resorted to gritting the streets of Greenwich with broken glass.  In January 2010, they had not improved on the previous year's debacle, failing to treat the hillier pedestrian areas of Charlton. 

Local hospitals among worst for patient safety

A report published in November placed south east London’s hospitals among the worst in the country for patient safety. The ‘Dr Foster Hospital Guide 2009’ placed the South London Healthcare NHS Trust (SLHT - including the Queen Elizabeth Hospital) in the lowest of 5 groups.

Conservatives want to help our local economy

Local businesses are struggling to stay afloat during the recession. The tragic pictures of businesses on Swingate Lane on Shooters Hill are indicative of widespread failings of Greenwich Council across the borough. Abandoned buildings also attract crime and antisocial behaviour, with graffiti and vandalism being the primary concerns.

Mary, Ryan and Simon by Royal Hill

Greenwich West Team: Mary, Ryan and Simon by Royal Hill

As Olympics approach, Labour builds over court

Conservatives have condemned a decision by Labour to build 6 houses over a basketball court on Woodlands Park Ro

Saving Severndroog Castle

File 453Your local Conservative

Fighting for our civil liberties

Between 1997 and 2006 this Labour government introduced 3023 new offences many of which are repressive and restrict free speech and the right to protest. Many were introduced in the name of fighting terrorism. In 2005 Maya Evans was arrested at the Cenotaph for reading out the names of the British soldiers killed in Iraq, because she did not have permission to be there.

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