April 2010

Greenwich Conservatives would put more police on the beat

Greenwich Conservatives have outlined how they would put more Police on the beat in Greenwich.

Theresa Villiers with David Gold at the Turdor Barn

The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers along with David Gold and local Conservatives meet at the Turdor Barn before heading off to talk to local residents in Eltham West.

Theresa Villiers helps Eltham Campaign

The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport, Theresa Villiers helped Eltham PPC David Gold and the Eltham West Council Candidates campaign in and around Westthorne Avenue.

Labour makes tenants suffer a long, cold winter

Labour tenants waiting for decent homes upgrades had to suffer during the recent long, cold winter. Residents reported to Charlton's conservative council candidates that they had waited so long for double-glazing that they had to use masking tape to exclude drafts in their single-glazed windows.

Conservatives protest over tennis courts

With the London Olympics around the corner, you would think that the Labour council would be making the most of its sports facilities. However, their track record at providing and maintaining facilities for young people interested in sport is woeful. Last summer, Labour did a disservice to Charlton's residents by closing the Lido unnecessarily.

Supporting Blackheath Shopkeepers

Conservatives and traders are concerned about the future of the shops at the Standard. The temporary closure of the library has meant the shops have seen a drop in trade. The recession and the Labour council’s rent rises, have also added to the shops problems.

Conservative support for the armed forces

From Spencer Drury, PPC for Greenwich & Woolwich:

Conservatives launch their manifesto ‘A contract with Greenwich’

Conservatives today launched their manifesto “A Contract with Greenwich”. Drawing on a similar visionary agenda from US politics, it lays down a clear programme for a Conservative-run council. The manifesto has clear and detailed commitments on all aspects of running a successful borough.

Labour’s Debt Mountain

In Labour’s March Budget, the Chancellor announced that Britain would spend more on debt interest (£43bn) than Transport (£22bn), the Police (£36bn) or Defence (£40bn) next year. As David Cameron said "the only thing Labour bring are debt, waste and taxes".

Should Maze Hill station be in zone 2?

File 252Commuters from Maze Hill have seen outrageous

Conservatives meet with police & residents

In January, Charlton’s Conservative team joined residents and the ward’s Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss problems in the area. Issues raised included Lorries using residential roads, increased burglaries and anti-social behaviour. Residents of Eastcombe Avenue and Bramshot Avenue in particular are worried about the effects of large lorries using these streets to get to the car compound at the rear of Bramshot Avenue. Not only is Eastcombe Avenue used by lorries, it is also used as a rat-run.

Conservatives focus on housing issues in Eltham South

While Labour candidates continue to try and scare council tenants to win votes, Conservatives in Eltham South have been dealing with the problems created by the Labour council's housing policies.

Charlton Council Candidates 2010

Conservative Candidates for Charlton Ward 2010.

From right, Richard Shackleton, James Garry, and Louis McClean Wait

Boris Johnson visits Eltham

Mayor of London Boris Johnson today visited Eltham High Street to meet with local people and talk

Boris Johnson with David Gold in Eltham

Mayor of London Boris Johnson with (right) David Gold, PPC for Eltham and (Left) Justine Greening MP in Eltham High Street.

Peninsula's 2010 Conservative Candidates

Peninusla council candidates, Malcolm Reid, Toks Bailey and Charlie Easton  pictured out delivering their latest "intouch" on Wednesday evening.   If you wish to help us campaign for the local elections please send Malcolm an email to malcolm_reid@ntlworld.com or call him on 020 8853 4344

Labour’s Social Housing crisis

The Labour Government and local Labour Council are failing the most vulnerable members of our community. Their crippling mismanagement of the social housing problem in Woolwich has caused a 75% increase in the waiting list, leaving many families suffering in overcrowded conditions. Like many other problems that face Woolwich today, the Labour Councillors seem to turn a blind eye.

Spencer Drury campaigning in Kinveachy Gardens

Greenwich & Woolwich Parliamentary Candidate Spencer Drury campaigning in Kinveachy Gardens.

Conservatives plan a better education for our children

Conservatives in Greenwich and nationally have clear plans to support our children in doing better at school. In the 2009 league tables, Greenwich Secondary Schools have the worst results in London at 5 A* to C grades for GCSE. Also only 14.5% of Greenwich GCSE students achieve a ‘traditional’ education of C grade or above in English, Maths, Science and a foreign language.

Conservatives update residents after parking survey

  Eltham South Conservative campaigners, Adam Thomas and Matt Clare recently spoke to residents on Ladysmith, Halons and Enslin Roads regarding parking problems.  Adam and Matt handed out parking surveys and talked to residents about the possible solutions.  

Conservatives uncover Labour waste

Eltham South candidate Matt Clare recently challenged Greenwich Council on the recruitment of 2 senior Human Resources posts both offering a salary of £78,000 - nearly seven t

Blackheath Westcombe Council Candidates campaigning in Coleraine Rd

Blackheath Westcombe Council Candidates campaigning in Coleraine Rd.

From left, Liz Drury, Alex Wilson and Geoff Brighty.

Shooters Hill Candidates for 2010

Your Shooters Hill councillor candidates for 2010.

Labour Council ignore residents concerns over phone masts

Shooters Hill conservatives recently met with local residents over con

Spencer Drury by Firepower

Greenwich & Woolwich Parliamentary Candidate Spencer Drury by Firepower: The Royal Artillery Museum.

James Garry protests over building

Charlton Conservatives have written to the Planning Inspectorate to register residents’ objections to a proposal to develop 209 flats up to six storeys high at the rear of 40 Victoria Way. This development would affect residents of Victoria Way, Eastcombe Avenue and surrounding streets. Planning permissions has been refused several times for this development.

Conservatives keep fighting for residents over parking

Conservative councillor Eileen Glover spoke up for residents living in Avery Hill at the latest Greenwich Council meeting over the issue of parking.    Since Greenwich University introduced parking charges to students; residents and businesses in the surrounding Avery Hill and Eltham Heights area have found parking at times almost impossible.

General Election called for 6th May 2010

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called the next General Election for 6th May 2010.

Conservatives tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in Eltham South

The Conservative Action Team in Eltham South, Adam Thomas and Matt Clare are determined to fight anti-social behaviour such as graffiti and fly tipping.  The team undertake regular walkabouts and surveys and are happy to report incidents to the council's Cleansweep department on behalf of residents.

Photograph: (Left) Adam Thomas, (Right) Matt Clare

Coldharbour and New Eltham Candidates for 2010

Your Coldharbour and New Eltham Councillor Candidates for 2010 Elections

Conservatives support regeneration of local amenities

Your Conservative candidates will continue to fight for the preservation of local amenities. Local shops are under threat in New Eltham and the Mound; your local councillors have lobbied the council to look at reducing rent levels over the last four years to encourage small businesses to take up leases and to revitalise facilities for the local community.

Conservatives visit Avery Hill nursery to talk to parents

Local Conservative campaigner Adam Thomas recently visited the Avery Hill Nursery with Eltham's parliamentary candidate David Gold.  The nursery is based on the Avery Hill Estate and provides early years childcare for parents studying at Greenwich University, allowing young mums to study higher education courses.  The nursery provides an impressive set of services including a Forest School to h

The Eltham South team supporting local residents in the council chamber

Eileen, Adam and Matt have been working with our parliamentary candidate David Gold in supporting many residents and groups, living across Eltham South ward, in the council chamber.  The team have presnted a number of petitions on behalf of residents on issues including road safety in Blanmerle Road, Green Lane and Court Road, parking problems in Eltham Heights and Avery Hill, support for local businesses in Bexley Road and many other issues.


Progress on Court Road, but more to be done

Conservative campaigner Matt Clare has welcomed the installation of a speed activated sign on Court Road after presenting a petition of over 140 signatures of local residents to Greenwich Council which raised serious concerns about the safety of Court Road.  In the last 4 years there have been two fatal accidents presenting a danger to both pedestrians and drivers, as well as cars crashing into gardens and walls.

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