February 2011

Conservative councillor leads campaign to keep Eltham South tidy

Conservative councillor Matt Clare is leading a campaign to keep Eltham South ward tidy. On regular ward walks he has already identified problem areas such as the bus stop on Court Road , Messeter Place and Elm Terrace behind shops on Eltham High Street.

Getting a fair deal for Eltham residents on Highways

Conservative councillors were out in force last week to protect the interest of Eltham residents at the council’s Highways Committee.

Music event on Blackheath

The decision by Lewisham Council's Licensing Committee to allow a two day music event on their part of Blackheath in 2011 - and every year thereafter - has astonished many local residents. An appeal has been launched against the decision and is scheduled to be heard starting on 3rd March at Bromley Magistrates Court.

Eltham South councillor speaks to local Cub Scout Group

 Cllr Adam Thomas recently visited the Eltham Cub Scout Group based on Footscray Road.

The Cubs talked about the work they were undertaking as part of their Community Challenge badge as well as the work that they do in the local community.

 Cllr Thomas said, “The work that the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts do in Eltham is great and long may it continue.”

Conservative councillors help to prevent inappropriate development on Avery Hill

 Conservative councillors in Eltham South have successfully supported residents in opposing two proposed developments on Avery Hill. In both cases councillors felt that the proposals being put forward were inappropriate for the local area, and have welcomed the decision by Greenwich Council to refuse planning permission for both schemes.

Another accident on Court Road

Eltham South councillor and Court Road resident Matt Clare, highlights another recent accident on Court Road, this time damage to the fencing near the coach park entrance of Eltham Palace

Greenwich Council rapped over consultant's bills

In Cabinet papers published last week, the District Auditor agreed that payments to a consultant had broken European Union laws.  Sherlock Consultancy is run by Peter Sherlock and has helped the Council manage a range of building projects including the Eltham Centre and Charlton School.


The core findings of fault with the Council included:-


Changes to Greenwich Council Planning Committee

Planning Changes

At Council on 26th January Blackheath Westcombe Conservative Councillors spoke against an increase in the number of objections from two to eight needed to trigger referral of applications to Planning Committees  The intention is to save money. 

Supporting Friends Group at Mycenae House

Blackeath Westcombe Councillors Geoff Brighty and Alex Wilson are supporting moves to set up a Friends Group for the gardens at Mycenae House.  There have been concerns about the future of the popular local open space since Greenwich Council allowed a block of flats to be built next to Mycenae House. They were at a very well attended meeting recently where local residents discussed the benefits a

Cllr Spencer Drury meets representatives of the South London Free School group

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury met with Emrah Coskun and Jane Schubert of the South London Free School today.  The group aim to open a Free School in Woolwich to help serve the communities there.  You can visit their website at http://www.southlondonfreeschool.co.uk/. 

First Resident Meeting on Greenwich University Village Shop

Eltham South councillors Adam Thomas and Eileen Glover recently attended the first meeting for residents living on Avery Hill Road regarding Greenwich University Students' Union Village Shop.

Roadworks for Blackheath Village - UPDATE

As an update to our story about the planned Blackheath Roadworks taking place outside the train station in Blackheath Village. An update from neighboring Lewisham Council states that the roadworks will now start at 7pm Monday 7th February 2011 and should continue for 5 days.

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