March 2011

New application for Olde Greyhound pub

A new planning application has been submitted to redevelopment Ye Olde Greyhound pub on Eltham High Street.  The proposals are to change the building into a Masala Cottage Indian Restaurant.  The proposals include creating a new restaurant on the ground floor and staff accommodation on the first floor.

Grove Market application goes ahead despite resident concerns

The new application to build over 70 flats, a 80 bed hotel and supermarket on the Grove Market site has received approval from Labour councillors on the Planning Board.

GLA member James Cleverley presents a trophy at the Colfeians rugby festival this weekend

James is the GLA member for Bexley and Bromley and is one of the coaches of the Colfeians under-9 team.  James also spoke at one of the Eltham Conservatives lunches held at Shooters Hill Golf Club last week.

Conservative government frees Council from target-driven strait-jacket

At the Overview and Scrutiny meeting on Thursday evening (10th March), Conservative Councillors welcomed the end to many of the targets which the previous Labour government had set to measure the efficiency of Councils.

Middle Park & Sutcliffe No2AV Canvass

Conservatives were out in Middle Park & Sutcliffe ward today to canvass people's views on the AV referendum. 

For more information on the AV vote:

Greenwich public transport safer thanks to Boris

Greenwich Conservatives have welcomed new statistics highlighting that the Mayor of London's, Boris Johnson pledge to put more police officers on buses and trains is continuing to reduce crime on the borough’s public transport.

Latest statistics from Transport for London now show that Greenwich has seen one of the biggest falls in bus crime, thanks to Boris' policies.

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