January 2012

Council to repair fencing at Lovelace Green

This evening Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury met with Progress Residents’ Association Committee Member Keith Billingshurst and a Council Officer to discuss the future of the fencing at Lovelace Green.


Labour admits they can't confirm their own figures on police cuts

At the monthly meeting of Greenwich Council, the Labour Cabinet Member for Community Safety & Environment refused to confirm figures for the number of police officers in the borough which had been used in her own party’s leaflets.

Conservative Leader over-ruled on cost of equestrian centre

On Thursday evening Leader of the Opposition Cllr Spencer Drury revealed publically that the full cost of the new Equestrian Centre on Shooters Hill is more than £4m and called for it to be stopped as a waste of money.


Labour ignores Eltham's parking concerns

Greenwich Council has failed to address residents concerns about the introduction of parking charges on Eltham High Street and has instead given an irrelevant response to a petition with hundreds of signatures.


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