July 2013

Pot Holes in Charlton

Conservatives in Charlton have been taking action on the state of the roads in the area.

Conservative councillors make Avery Hill CPZ case at London Assembly

Eltham South councillor Matt Clare attended today’s meeting of the London Assembly to present a petition to Boris Johnson, on behalf of residents, calling for the Avery Hill CPZ to be implemented. The petition includes the signatures of over 250 residents living on the Avery Hill estate and Eltham Heights.

Still lots of question following public exhibition on Grove Market

Conservative councillors attended the recent public exhibition of Citygrove’s new proposals for the Grove Market site on Court Yard.

While we have welcomed Citygrove’s proactive desire to demolish the site and clear the hazardous materials in the derelict buildings, we still have concerns about the proposals on which they are currently consulting.

Conservatives sort out drains in Sparrows Lane

Eltham South Conservatives undertook their regular road inspections this week focused on helping residents in Sparrows Lane.

Campaigning on Kidbrooke Park Road

Cllr Alex Wilson, Laela Pakpour Tabrizi and Thomas Turrell have been out listen to the views and concerns of local residents on Kidbrooke Park Road.

Is the money spent on an Equestrian Centre on Shooters Hill worth it?

Shooters Hill Conservative Candidate Maureen Burgess explains her concerns about the money the Council has spent developing an Equestrian Centre on Shooters Hill.

Labour Don't Trust Local Residents

Ahead of next years European Elections Deputy Chairman of Greenwich Conservatives Thomas Turrell asks if local residents really want a party such so out of step with public opinion such as Labour to represent them as all three Labour MP's in Greenwich skip Europe vote in the House of Commons.

Canvassing in Blackheath Westcombe

Conservatives from across Greenwich came to show support for the 2014 Conservative Action Team in Blackheath Westcombe Cllr Geoff Brighty, Laela Pakpour Tabrizi and Thomas Turrell.
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