Ken Livingstone can’t even say ‘Eltham’ properly

At the Labour Party conference last week, Labour’s new/old Mayoral Candidate Ken Livingstone heard pronouncing 'Eltham' incorrectly while making a speech about London.

It was spotted by local blogger 853 who has linked it to the BBC website where Ken Livingstone can be seen boasting about Labour’s success in London while mispronouncing the name of a key South-East London suburb. 

Leader of Greenwich Conservatives Cllr Spencer Drury said "In 2008, Boris stood on a ticket of standing up for outer London against Ken Livingstone's 'Zone 1' approach and based on this evidence it is hard to think Livingstone has changed. I'm not sure if Livingstone has ever been to Eltham (Boris came during the General Election) but he is going to have to work harder if he wants to win voters over outside of his central London bunker."

You can see Ken speaking here.