Conservatives put young people on the agenda

Greenwich Conservatives have succeeded in getting the Council to investigate important health and education issues affecting children in the Borough.  At a meeting this week, the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee agreed to two Conservative councillors' proposals for issues to scrutinize in the coming year.

Cllr Neil Dickinson, councillor for Coldharbour and New Eltham, proposed an inquiry into the level of dentistry services for children with special educational needs and disabilities, raising concerns about the quality of provision and the need to ensure better health outcomes for the most vulnerable children in the borough.

Having been a NHS dentist for over 30 years, Cllr Dickinson will be leading the inquiry and presenting his findings to the committee in January 2012.

Cllr Dermot Poston, councillor for Eltham North, called for an inquiry to look at the impact of the English Baccalaureate on local schools- given that it is now one of the key measures of school attainment- and to ensure that the borough's schools offer a good breadth of subjects within their curriculum.

Cllr Spencer Drury, the Leader of the Conservative Group, also spoke, highlighting the need to ensure that there was high quality provision of foreign languages in the borough's schools and raising concerns about current provision.

The committee agreed with Cllr Poston that it should focus on this issue given its importance to the borough.

The committee also agreed to a number of inquiries put forward by the chairman of the committee, including the scrutinizing the procurement of new youth services provision. 

However no other Labour councillor offered any suggestions for the committee's work programme.