Eltham South councillor talks to police on YouTube video

Eltham South councillor Matt Clare has taken immediate action with the local police and council after concerned residents posted footage on video website YouTube of speeding traffic on Avery Hill Road.

The video uploaded by local residents shows cars travelling up and down Avery Hill Road at up to 60mph, Matt has now called for mobile speed cameras to be placed on the road to enforce the 30mph speed limits.  Matt has already led a successful campaign to encourage drivers to reduce speeds on Court Road after a number of fatal accidents and working with Cllr Adam Thomas had a flashing speed sign put in place.

Cllr Clare said: "Some drivers are putting our fellow residents, particularly children leaving Avery Hill Park, at real risk of death.  The film posted on YouTube shows several truly shocking examples of totally irresponsible driving."

The YouTube video can be accessed here: