A positive response to Conservatives from Glyndon

Greenwich University Conservatives helped out with Boris Johnson's Mayoral campaign today by helping to deliver newsletters in Glyndon Ward. Gemma Jade Robinson, Deputy Chairman (Political) of the Greenwich University Society said “We got a good response from a Labour strong hold, this shows that the Conservatives are making headways in areas of Greenwich that Labour thought they were safe in, today’s response shows that they are not safe as Boris Johnson appeals to all voters”.

There were positive response by people receiving the leaflets and this demonstrates how Boris appeals to voters from across the political spectrum. Oliver Clark, Secretary of the Greenwich University Society said “The response today shows that we improving the Conservative result in Glyndon, it shows that voters in Glyndon are not hostile to Boris, which in turn demonstrates the amazing job he is doing in City Hall, and shows how Labour strong holds still reject Ken Livingstone”.