Greenwich Conservative Women groups' first meeting

On September 24th 2012 the "Greenwich Conservative Women" steering committee met for the first time to prepare for the group's official launch before the end of the year. Present at the meeting were Chairman Gemma Robinson, Secretary Laela Tabrizi, Officer Emma Hawsworth, and Deputy Chairman Membership of the Greenwich Conservative Federation, Thomas Turrell.

The meeting's agenda was as follows, firstly confirming the group's name, secondly planning a launch event, thirdly discussing the group's needs and intentions for the upcoming 6 months. Those present unanimously agreed on the name "Greenwich Conservative Women", proving this to be the easiest item on the agenda! The launch event planning was altogether more complex.

In terms of dates, based on the availability of the steering committee members and other prominent Greenwich Conservative Federation members, as well as leaving sufficient time for planning, marketing and securing attendees, it was decided that the last two weeks of November would be targeted, with a particular preference for a Wednesday or Thursday evening event (i.e. 21st/22nd or 28/ +29th November, 7 -9pm ). The date will be confirmed as soon as possible depending on which venue the group is able to book, based on cost and availability, and on the availability of our chosen special guests. Various potential VIP speakers were debated at the meeting and will be consulted about their interest and availability in the coming weeks. We hope to attract 40-50 attendees and generate strong interest for the Greenwich Conservative Women group through this launch event.

In terms of other goals for the group, the logo, website and social media presence was discussed, as was representation on the various Federation committees, holding regular meetings, and tying into other Conservative Women's events and training opportunities locally and across the country. The steering committee are enthusiastic about the prospects and potential impact of this new Conservative group which will encourage active participation of women in the party.