Burst water main on Court Road update

Eltham South Councillor Matt Clare has been working with various authorities to establish what the problem is with the leak at Court Road.


The latest update (Saturday morning) is that unfortunately the engineers met with problems when working on the bridge (related to the reinforced concrete). Therefore the leak remains as do the traffic lights.


The bridge is maintained by the Council, but because it is sensitive, drilling has now stopped and hand-digging is all that is allowed.


Matt has requested that the bus stop be temporarily moved and that correcting the leak is made a priority for Monday as this is one of the busiest pieces of road in London.  We don’t believe that any homes are without water at this stage.


Update Saturday evening:  Thames Water have now identified exact location of problems which is under footway and not the road. They should now make quicker progress as no concrete to deal with. They hope to complete before Monday rush hour.

TfL have been on site re temporary relocation of bus stop but cannot identify safe location.