Eltham Councillors working to prevent flooding in their ward

Eltham North Councillor Nigel Fletcher has met with Council Officers to discuss the right action which might be taken to help residents at the eastern end of Crookston Road, whose properties are being regularly flooded by water draining off Oxleas Meadows.  Despite having the issue brought to their attention, the Council have failed to take proper action, meaning the problem has been even worse in the recent wet weather, and residents have had to resort to digging a drainage trench themselves. 


Nigel says: “This has been a problem for long time, yet still the Council are failing to help residents. We need a proper solution now.”


Although the woods are not part of Eltham North ward, all the residents affected by the Council’s lack of maintenance are.  So while Nigel has been working for residents at the Eastern end of the road, Spencer has asked for the Officers to check that the streams which run off Jackwood into pipes under houses in Crookston are kept clear during the recent wet weather.  Council Officers visited the site on Thursday and confirmed that the two streams are running well and there is no evidence of flooding.  Their only concern was that:“One of the streams is not following its usual route so he (one of the Officers) will have this rectified shortly.”

The Council believes that the pipes under the houses, which prevent homes on Crookston Road from being flooded by the streams are the responsibility of the home owners, but is happy to work with them to keep the grates clear.