Conservatives Attend Police Meeting

Local Conservatives Cllr Matt Clare, Thomas Turrell, Gemma Robinson, Toni Hale and Della Avery attended the Meet the Met Commissioner Event at Charlton House to discuss policing in Greenwich and Lewisham. This was a chance for residents to raise any concerns they had directly with their borough commander and with the Commissioner himself. It was also a chance for the police to tell local residents about some of the work they’re doing.

There was a wide range of questions from the public about a range of issues, which shows why these kinds of events are a good idea. It reminds both public and police that the police are accountable to us and it’s good that the commissioner is working to ensure he is held to account.

The police were able to make a positive report stating that this year crime is down by 9% in Greenwich, which is inline with the London average of a drop of 10%. This is the fourth year in a row that crime has continued to fall - meaning crime in Greenwich has fallen every year since the Conservatives came to power. The report also outlined some of the changes to local policing and made clear that there will be more police officers on the ground as a result of these changes. The Met Commissioner also explained that over the next two years the Met will be recruiting 5000 new officers taking the Met to a new record on police numbers.