Who should pay for the legal defence of Greenwich Time? Not me guvnor!

By Matt Clare, Cllr for Eltham South

Like all back bench local councillors I receive an allowance of £10,000 a year.

Every year I forgo a months allowance. I get paid annual leave from my full time job so why should the council taxpayer (who may not have voted for me) pay for me to go skiing… Although if they didn’t like me and I had a skiing accident or did a ‘Shirley Valentine’ they may consider it a worthwhile investment!

Taxpayers money is tight therefore I consider I must do my bit. A purely personal position, this may not be appropriate for councillors in full time e.g. cabinet roles or with no other income.

This year however I will be giving the months allowance to charity (Demelza Children’s Hospice on Court Road).

I am incensed by the Labour Party’s continued waste of council taxpayers money on the production and last stand legal defence of its propaganda rag Greenwich Time.

Meanwhile our social housing suffers from damp, our roads are riddled with potholes and the council is failing to invest sufficiently in adult social care, tree planting and safer cycling infrastructure to name just a few areas.


It's time to call time on Greenwich Time

PS at the same time, it's worth noting that Greenwich West councillor Matt Pennycook has caused a totally unnecessary by-election by resigning his seat before the General Election in which he is standing - which clearly thinks he is going to win without bothering to wait for the polls to open, never mind for the votes to be counted.  Before he resigned, he hadn't attended a meeting of the Full Council since December, and I can't remember the last time I heard him speak in the council chamber on any issue at all.  Yet another Labour politician wasting council taxpayers’ money and taking the voters for granted.