Conservatives call for the return of free parking on empty road behind Eltham Station

Following the introduction of pay and display parking in a section of road with no residents living on it, Eltham Conservatives have called for Greenwich Council to change course and return to free parking on Glenlea Road.


At the beginning of April, Greenwich Council introduced Controlled Parking Zones around Eltham, mostly in response to supportive consultations from local residents.  However, on the western section of Glenlea Road, where there are no houses facing the road, the Council opted to introduce pay and display parking to try collect more revenue from motorists.  Only a few weeks into the process, it is quite clear that the effect of the policy has been to leave this section of Glenlea Road empty, while forcing commuter parking on to other neighbouring roads, making it harder for workers on Eltham High Street to get to work and driving customers away from local shops.


Adam Thomas with Cllr Spencer Drury and local resident James Shipp
In response, Conservative GLA candidate Adam Thomas has been working with Cllr Spencer Drury to try and reverse this policy.  The two have been collecting a petition by going door to door in the local area following a stream of emails to Spencer about the parking policy.  Spencer has also set up an online petition at (entitled “Restore free parking behind Eltham Station by removing charges on western Glenlea Rd”) that secured 75 signatures within the first day of being set up.


Local resident Steve Mann, who lives on one of the road that is worst affected by the new influx of commuter parking, said: “I’m really pleased Spencer has set up a petition as the whole policy is mad with spaces in Eltham Park Gardens taken whilst Glenlea Road is empty and the station car park is now full.   These parking controls will not help new businesses in the area like Pottery on the Parade, a new pizza shop and a delicatessen.  The Labour Councillors clearly don't understand business, but not to care about the jobs they will bring is pretty poor.”


Adam Thomas commented: “It has been a pleasure to work with Spencer and local residents to try and reverse this mistaken policy.  The Labour Council is once again trying to use Eltham as a piggy bank it can raid while introducing free parking in the centre of Woolwich.  The Council needs to listen to residents and reverse this policy – it has emptied a road where no one lives of parked cars and actually engineered parking problems on roads where Eltham residents live.”

The petition on can be found at