Battle to fix Eltham Heights parking problems continues

Nearly 100 local residents packed a hall in Eltham South last weekend to voice ongoing concerns about the parking problems in Eltham Heights.

Repeated calls to establish a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) have failed to make progress so far. Greenwich Council supports the proposal, but hasn’t been able to convince the neighbouring borough, which borders the area. The administration at City Hall hasn’t stepped in to date, but a fresh appeal has been raised.

A new consultation programme – to establish again which roads want to be included in a scheme – is about to take place and Eltham South councillors are urging every resident to respond. “We need everyone to get involved as there’s a good chance now that, if there’s enough support, we can make this finally happen,” said Cllr Matt Clare. “The problem has been going on too long and everyone is frustrated at the lack of progress.”

The parking problems are blamed on commuters travelling from Falconwood train station at one end of the area and students attending lectures at the Greenwich University site on Avery Hill Road at the other. Recent extensions to controlled zones in central Eltham are also believed to be adding to the congestion.

“We are here to serve residents and believe the majority wants a CPZ,” said Cllr Mark Elliott. “On Saturday, some residents said they didn’t want parking restrictions introduced and we respect that so will work to improve the problem by other means if that’s what people want. The important thing is everyone responds to the consultation so we have a clear, road by road mandate to finally get this fixed.”