Westcombe hill phone mast latest in council planning blunders

Labour-run Greenwich Council has been criticised, including by the Planning Inspectorate, for delays in processing planning applications.  Now in Blackheath Westcombe there has been a major blunder by the Council over an application to put a communications mast off Siebert Road. 


Backed by strong opposition locally Greenwich Council planners recommended refusal but missed the response time - by a day. Earlier in the summer, a betting shop in Plumstead was granted permission after Greenwich Council failed to submit their reasons for rejection to the shop’s appeal, leading to criticism of the Labour-run council from community groups and the Planning Inspectorate.


Local Councillor Geoff Brighty said: "This is really frustrating for residents.  The Council's failure to meet the planning deadline may have given Vodafone another chance by default. It’s a mast that nobody wants and it’s a mess that shouldn't have happened".


Community campaigner Malcolm Reid added, “This is a serious failing by the Council. The Labour leadership of Greenwich Council needs to get a grip and focus on doing their jobs. This mast was refused planning permission and the council’s incompetence has meant it is now likely to go ahead. Residents are right to feel angry and let down by this latest failing”.