Is Bob Crow losing his grip?

Conservatives on the London Assembly have suggested Tube union chief Bob Crow is losing his grip after today’s planned RMT strike lead to minimal disruption on the Tube network. It follows a New Year’s Eve strike that also had less impact than expected.


 More than 90% of London Underground’s 275 stations were open this morning, with the number of station closures falling throughout the morning from 35 to 21. The only major disruption came on the Northern Line as some drivers staged a ‘wildcat’ strike in support of a colleague sacked for driving at 29 MPH through a 5 MPH zone and failing to stop at a red light.

Chairman of the London Assembly Transport Committee and Conservative member Roger Evans said, “I think Bob Crow is losing his grip. His union has failed to shut down more than a handful of stations. This is because hard-working, loyal Tube workers know there is absolutely no justification for this strike and they want to do their best for Londoners.

“The RMT’s claims about job losses are utterly untrue. What is true is that under the deal Mr Crow is striking about, station staff will get a 35-hour-working week and 52-days holiday a year. Most people would give their right arm for such a deal and London Underground staff know that.

“If the RMT continues to attempt to hold London to ransom for their own greedy ends I think we may be seeing the beginning of the end for Mr Crow and his minority of militant union cronies.”


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