Coldharbour and New Eltham Candidates for 2010

Your Coldharbour and New Eltham Councillor Candidates for 2010 Elections

From left to right Cllr John Hills, Cllr Mandy Brinkhurst and cadidate Dr Neil Dickinson

John was first elected to the Council in 2000.  Since retiring he works full time as a councillor, spending most days in the ward helping residents.  John is shadow spokesman for Health and Social Services for Greenwich Conservatives; sits on the Health and Older Peoples Scrutiny Panel and is also a School Governor at Greenacres Primary School.  John is passionate about ensuring access to facilities and services for older people, and will continue to make this one of his priorities during the next four years.   Mandy, born and raised in the ward, has represented the area for the last four years. She has campaigned to keep Coldharbour library open, and worked closely with the police to tackle drug crime and persistent anti-social behaviour. Professionally she works in the voluntary sector, and will make youth facilitates and the protection of local amenities her focus for the next four years; Mandy is also a local school governor.   Neil is an NHS dentist and enjoyed working in the ward for many years. Healthcare is one of his main interests. He supports initiatives to maintain local facilities, such as libraries, shopping centres, open spaces   community centres and schools. He supports the local police in tackling antisocial behaviour and crime; he believes in supporting residents when they need help with local issues and supports initiatives to keep costs down!     Priorities for Coldharbour, Mottingham and New Eltham Ward   1) Protect Coldharbour Library from Labour closure plans. 2) Campaign for support and regeneration of our local shopping parades at the Mound, Mottingham Village and New Eltham and making representations to Transport for London for better transport links. 3) Support the police in tackling anti-social behaviour as a number one priority across the ward. 4) Campaign for an increase in youth provision across the ward. 5) Ensure that Coldharbour Estate isn’t the "forgotten estate" neglected by Labour, by defending resident’s facilities from Labour cuts.