James Garry protests over building

Charlton Conservatives have written to the Planning Inspectorate to register residents’ objections to a proposal to develop 209 flats up to six storeys high at the rear of 40 Victoria Way. This development would affect residents of Victoria Way, Eastcombe Avenue and surrounding streets. Planning permissions has been refused several times for this development. However, the developer has asked the Planning Inspectorate to process an appeal.

Charlton Conservative James Garry wrote to the Planning Inspectorate to raise concerns about the proposal to develop 209 dwellings. James said “Victoria Way is home to Fossdene School which has nursery and primary school children going to and from school with their parents. We need to make sure their journey to school is not endangered by additional traffic. Clearly this area is unsuitable as a dwelling space which is why planning permission has been rejected many times already. We have written to the Planning Inspectorate to register our objections to this project and hopefully it will be rejected for the final time.”