Shooters Hill Candidates for 2010

Your Shooters Hill councillor candidates for 2010.

From Left to right: Simon Emmett, Mo Burgess, and Richard Chandler.

Richard Chandler has lived in Greenwich most of his life, and was both born and educated in the borough. He is passionate about this community, being actively involved in local charitable activities and having worked with the Conservatives in Shooters Hill since 2004. He currently works for the NHS, and prior to this was a manager for a wine retailer.

Simon Emmett is 32. He was born in Plumstead and continues to live in the Plumstead area of Shooters Hill ward, with his wife and two daughters. Simon has been working for London Underground since May 1996, where he became a Duty Manager in August 1999 at the age of 22. Simon is also a Scout Leader in the 27th Woolwich scout group, and the Training Manager responsible for all adult training in the Woolwich Scout District.

Mo Burgess has lived on Shooters Hill for 34 years, both her childrenĀ attended school in Greenwich. She feels passionate about the area and has campaigned for many of the peoples issues that Greenwich Council has ignored. She has actively helped many local charities and attends neighbourhood meetings to learn what concerns the people and where she can help. She has been canvassing relentlessly since she was selected as Council Candidate.

Our Priorities for Shooters Hill and Plumstead.

  1. Shooters Hill Conservatives will campaign for better local roads. We intend to fix pot holes, reduce traffic in residential areas, ease congestion and provide safe parking. We will start by completing the Red Lion Lane project.
  2. Your local Conservatives will fight for more support for our local economy. We want to see clean parades and thriving businesses in Shooters Hill, and we will start with Swingate Lane.
  3. We will tackle crime by providing our local police team with the resources it needs. We want to see faster response times, less anti social behaviour and a reduction in burglaries.
  4. A Conservative team on Shooters Hill will fight to protect our green spaces. Areas such as Oxleas Woods and Shrewsbury Park are local natural treasures, and need to be properly maintained and preserved.
  5. We will support residents on controversial planning issues, such as the telecommunication masts on Shooters Hill. People are clearly passionate about this, and we will give them the representation they deserve.