Conservatives update residents after parking survey

  Eltham South Conservative campaigners, Adam Thomas and Matt Clare recently spoke to residents on Ladysmith, Halons and Enslin Roads regarding parking problems.  Adam and Matt handed out parking surveys and talked to residents about the possible solutions.   A large number of residents filled in their responses and their was strong support for considering more controlled parking for residents, creating more parking spaces on Footscray Road, with some spaces specifically reserved to support local businesses.   The team, with Cllr Eileen Glover, has now requested a Plan of Action from the borough engineer, who will assess the parking situation and come forward with possible solutions.  Adam and Matt have also pressed the council that this should include a full consultation with all residents living in the affected roads.   The Eltham South team will ensure that residents receive further updates soon, regarding the situation and we hope a positive solution can be found.