Conservatives protest over tennis courts

With the London Olympics around the corner, you would think that the Labour council would be making the most of its sports facilities. However, their track record at providing and maintaining facilities for young people interested in sport is woeful. Last summer, Labour did a disservice to Charlton's residents by closing the Lido unnecessarily. Not only that, but they have failed to keep Maryon Park tennis courts in good repair. Charlton's Conservative candidates have pressurised Labour to make a commitment to the tennis courts.

Louis McLean-Wait said: "It is a shame that Labour have been unable to maintain the Maryon Park tennis courts. If these courts were kept in good condition, they would be an excellent place for Charlton residents to learn and practice tennis. We expect there will be a surge in demand for good sport facilities ahead of the Olympics and these courts could provide an opportunity for young people to start a career in sports."