London commuters let down by Livingstone

Conservatives have accused Ken Livingstone of exploiting Londoners "as his personal piggy bank" after the Mayor announced a big rise in bus and Tube fares. Rush hour bus journeys will go up 20 per cent in the New Year, and Tube passengers also face increases above the rate of inflation, raising an expected £150 million in additional revenue to help plug the huge hole in the Mayor's transport budget.

Council tax revaluation is a ticking tax timebomb

Alistair Craig, Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich warned this week that the revaluation of proper

Tuition fees would be abolished

Alistair Craig, Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week announced that a future Conservative government

Conservatives want police station reopened

Parliamentary Spokesman for Eltham and Eltham North Cllr Spencer Drury has recently got confirmed that Shoot

Post Office closures planned

Local Conservatives have warned that the Borough faces a significant reduction in the number of local Post Office branches, unde

Labour to close Woolwich Barracks

The Labour Government has announced that it will close Woolwich Barracks as part of its review of Britain's defence capabilities.

Soaring cost of local taxes on Greenwich exposed

Conservatives today warned that the Borough's residents were finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet due to rising property taxes and utility bills. The warnings comes amid new research highlighting how much extra a typical family in Greenwich has paid in council tax since 1997. The new analysis reveals that the cumulative change in council tax since 1997 is £997.

Alistair Craig, Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich said:

Government must take blame for Royal Mail failure

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, Alistair Craig, expressed concern today at new figures published by

Conservatives promise to combat hospital "superbug"

Michael Howard has promised that an incoming Conservative government will give priority to sustained and effective action to tackle the MRSA hospital "superbug". He warned that in spite of 21 separate initiatives by the Blair administration, thousands of NHS patients are still dying from hospital infections every year.

Conservatives challenge Livingstone on spending

Leading London Conservatives have thrown down the gauntlet to Ken Livingstone after the Mayor unveiled extravagant spending plans